Castle Rock CO Features These Four Top Restaurants For A Great Meal

Castle Rock CO Features These Four Top Restaurants For A Great Meal

The restaurants across the state of Colorado total more than 16,000. I have mentioned several great restaurants across many cities in past articles about the state. It is time to visit another great city, Castle Rock. The city of Castle Rock has nearly 150 restaurants, and I’m going to talk about four of them here. It is time to take a look at four of the most popular places to eat in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Augustine Grill is located on Wilcox Street, and it features racks of lamb, butterscotch pudding, croissant sandwiches, tomato basil soup and so much more according to the menu highlights. When you look at reviews, you notice they also talk about the service. They also mention that the restaurant is inside a house that was constructed during the 1900s. It is supposed to be a really great place for lunch in Castle Rock.

Then there is Castle Cafe. This one instanntly jumps out at me because I really like cafes as I always say. This cafe is also on Wilcox Street, just like Augustine Grill. You are going to find pan fried chicken, homemade rolls, buffalo meatloaf and more. One reviewer talks about a fish fry on Fridays, and that of course sounds really cool.

A third restaurant to visit in Castle Rock is called Old West Barbecue. It is located on Wolfensberger Road, and when you look at the menu highlights, you see items like brisket, pulled pork, breakfast burritos, gumbo and more. You gotta love it when you’re in a new city, and you get to try their idea of barbecue. The fact that they serve up brisket and pulled pork makes me want one sandwich of each.

Let’s take the time to discover one more of the best restaurants in Castle Rock CO. El Korita is the place, and it is located on South Wilcox Street. This is where you will find some of the best Mexican food when you’re visiting Castle Rock. With knowing four great restaurants now in the city, which of them would you likely plan to visit first? Perhaps you are already on your way to one. If you ask me, my first visit would probably be to Old West Barbecue. Castle Cafe might be my second pick. But all four of these fine establishments in Castle Rock would be good places to plan on stopping by for a delicious meal.

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